1st St Mary's (Kestrels) Kippax

Due to the merging of Districts, there were three groups in Leeds Templars with St Mary’s in their names. To distinguish the group, it was decided to have a group badge based on Kestrels, the Troops original name. However, financial constraints were against a new design so it was decided to wear a standard Kestrels patrol badge on the point of the scarf as the group badge. This was approved by the County.

Composition (2013)

1 Beaver Colony
1 Cub Pack
1 Scout Troop

The present group was registered as 1st St Mary’s on 10th February 2003 with registration number 46618. It is sponsored by St Mary’s Church in the Kippax area of Leeds, where at meets at the Church Hall.

Up to the Millennium, there were sufficient leaders and young people to maintain two groups in neighbouring villages – Great Preston and Kippax. However towards the end of the 1990s, both groups were experiencing difficulties, one with lack of leaders, and the other with lack of young people. It was decided therefore to hold joint meetings which then led to a formal amalgamation. At this time they did not have Beavers. This group was known as 1st Kippax, and had two Packs (Apollo and Baden) and two Troops (Kestrels and Eagles).

However in 2003, it was decided that the name did not reflect the catchment area which included Kippax, Great Preston, Little Preston, Ledsham, Ledston and Ledston-Luck. Group numbers had declined to one pack and one troop, so it was decided to form a Beaver Colony and rename the group as the 1st St Mary’s. As a link to the past, the Scout Troop retained the name of Kestrels.

In 2011 we decided to add Kestrels to the Group name and have now adopted this badge to the point of our kneckerchiefs.

We are now instrumental in setting up, consolidating and helping Allerton Bywater Miners to become a Group in their own right.


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